About Samantha Lee

Samantha Lee Carbone has an Advanced Certificate in Nutrition & Health Coaching & Professional certification in menu and meal planning. She is a recognised Nutrition & Health Coach, focusing on non-diet-based healthy eating principles and lifestyle practices for optimal health and wellbeing. She has been taught an exhaustive set of tools and confident techniques to approach coaching psychology to empower her clients to work through their challenges and obstacles.

Samantha is a qualified Mind-body and Eating practitioner. The certification is based on research from neuroscience, psychology, and nutrition using protocols and strategies to help clients uncover issues that have stopped them from achieving their goals or moving forward from situations affecting their health. Clients will experience an authentic, sustainable transformation through food psychology which will lead them to building a better relationship with their mind and body. 

Samantha is a qualified sports nutritionist, her knowledge allows her to help clients create sustainable habits in their sporting goals and everyday lifestyle.

She is the Author of “Love yourself from the inside out,” a self-love guide and recipe book. She is the owner of Lets Health Co, which manufactures Granola and Protein Ball Mixes. 



Samantha Lee Carbone is the Author of "Love Yourself from the Inside out," a self-love and nutrition guide with over 80 healthy recipes (70+ Dietician Approved)

Samantha and her team are creating a new dimension to healthy, sustainable eating. Our mission is to encourage positive eating experiences with our unique blend of healthy granolas, protein ball mixes and recipes found in our recipe book.

Granola is a nutritious, filling cereal, which contains heart-healthy fats. Our blends are made with whole ingredients like nuts, seeds, and other whole foods- high in protein and fiber.

Nuts and seeds are perfect for:
-Hormone support
-Reducing inflammation
-Control blood sugar levels
- Help burn energy
- Suppress hunger and increase fullness after eating

Samantha Lee Carbone is a qualified Health Coach, Psychology of eating practitioner, sports nutritionist, Women's Health and Hormone Coach, and a soon-to-be Pilates instructor.

Here's the thing, as a Health and Wellness Coach, I hear your struggles. Over the years, I have learned many of you are constant yo-yo dieters; you jump from diet to diet but can never find the perfect diet. It's because the "perfect diet" DOES NOT EXIST.

My new book "Love yourself from the inside out" will teach you sustainable eating habits that will help you transform your relationship with food, body, and lifestyle. It allows you to understand the basics of nutrition, giving you the tools to create healthy, sustainable habits. It contains over 70+ dietitian-approved recipes with a few that allow you to indulge.

Remember, food is for the soul. It brings people together and embodies joy, love, and happiness - all of which I wish for you.